Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Crock Hunter!

I was sitting at home yestaerday morning and turned on the news only to find out that the Crock Hunter, Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray! What's up with that? Apparently he was swimming over the fish and it stabbed him in the HEART! I've heard of people stepping on them by accident, but I've never heard of anyone getting stabbed in the heart by one. Sheesh!

I wonder if the Animal Planet is going to have some sort of Crock Hunter marathon or something. Hmmmm...


Anonymous suebelle said...

What the!?!?! RIP Steve. Remember the Crocodile Wrestler Guy from work a few summers ago? He showed up summer casual in khaki tighty shorts and white knee socks? Maybe we should forward that guy's resume to Animal Planet. OR, maybe YOU should be the new Crock Guy. Oh, yeah. That's IT. You could start with iguanas and work your way up the reptile chain to The Might Croc! Genius. Except you'd have to wear the khaki shorts and knee socks....

9:53 PM  

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