Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Attack Kitten

I was walking to the train on Monday morning behind this woman and her daughter. Suddenly, out of nowhere this cute little kitten pops out of the bushes and approaches the woman and her daughter. They reacted as if they had just crossed paths with a spitting cobra. The woman defensively guided her daughter to the other side of the street and naturally, the kitten followed. At this point the woman started to become a tiny bit frantic and was shaking her keys at the menacing kitty and yelling "SHOO!"

This is where I stepped in as the neighborhood hero. I squatted down and made kissing noises at the kitten. No longer interested in the scared woman and child, the kitty came purring over toward me. The woman looked at me and said "OH, THANK YOU! We HATE cats." At the same time "Subject A" came out of his house and informed me that "Harriet" is a very playful kitten and likes to greet people as they walk down the street.

As "Subject A" and I were discussing the cat, a large black lab jumped up and started barking at the woman and her daughter. I think they have since picked a different route to the train station.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Commuting Experiment 1

Friday afternoon I was heading home on the 4:45 and was pondering how I would execute my new experiment. As the train neared the station I walked to the very rear of the train, where only a handful of commuters exit the train.

On this particular day the conductor wasn't there to open the door for us. The train began to slow down and the gentleman standing in front of me tried to open the door. As the train came to a halt, he looks over his shoulder and says "It's Locked!" So, we turn around and start running down the aisle as if we were being chased by a wild boar. Luckily, there wasn't a wild boar and we managed to exit the train before it began rolling again. Once we reached the platform I turned to my new friend and said: "We're gonna have to try that again on Monday". He concurred and we walked our separate ways.

Until I find out this guy's name I will refer to him as subject "A".

Friday, September 08, 2006

Commuting Experiment

Every day I pick up the train at 7:10 am. I see most of the same people every day getting on the train and getting off the train. There are a select few that form litte "clicks" and they talk amongst themselves while waiting for the train. They laugh about stupid things that their cats do and talk about weekend plans. As an outsider I feel left out and not worthy of joining their conversations. There are lots of unknowns with these groups of people. How long have they been a click? Are they all somehow related? Do they all live on the same street?

I'm considering conducting an experiment, where I somehow infiltrate these clicks and find out more about my neighbors each day. This will give me some good material for this blog I'm sure.

My strategy will be to ask the group if they "have the time" (even though it's clearly posted on an LED sign that gives updates about the train schedule). The next day I'll say good morning to them to see if they remember me. I'm sure they'll call me "Kid who asks for the time" and eventually want to know my real name.

The only danger with this experiment is that I might get sucked into the group. I often have days where I enjoy the ability to talk to nobody and sit quietly on the train. Getting into the habit of talking to people might ruin this luxury. Perhaps I'll come up with a "code word" that I say when I see the group. Maybe I'll simply smile, nod, and say "READING DAY" and keep walking.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I stumbled across this website this morning. It's and it's a video blog website. I feel like I've stepped into the future all of a sudden. Video Blogs or VLOGs are daily postings where people do everything they would do in a normal blog except it's all captured through the magic of video.

One of today's features on rocketboom is this virtual bubblewrap site. There goes my day.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Crock Hunter!

I was sitting at home yestaerday morning and turned on the news only to find out that the Crock Hunter, Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray! What's up with that? Apparently he was swimming over the fish and it stabbed him in the HEART! I've heard of people stepping on them by accident, but I've never heard of anyone getting stabbed in the heart by one. Sheesh!

I wonder if the Animal Planet is going to have some sort of Crock Hunter marathon or something. Hmmmm...

Here I am again, my sweet, sweet blog. I would like to formally apologize to all the Quicker Than Quick fans out there. I had deleted this blog last week due to the fact that I had nothing much to comment about since the "fear of pickles" post. I lost the momentum that I had when Sue Brown first mentioned that I needed to have my own blog.

However, this past weekend I saw true disappointment when the Big Dog approached me and asked "What happened to the blog?" I decided then and there to get this wagon moving once again.

This one is for the Sauce!